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Sunday, August 17, 2008 Latest Slideshow!

Some clothing items a no-no for plus size?

Do you think there are certain items a plus size woman should not wear? If so, is this size discrimination?

I have been contemplating this for quite some time now. If we are pro self-acceptance and about loving our body images than how can we say that a plus size woman should not wear ____? Tube tops, Mini Skirts, etc. Wear do we draw the line between most flattering and conforming to norms?

I will be writing more about this soon, but I’d love your insight!

Take care, Kristi of Premonition Fashion

Reader replies:

Sarah, a member of Curvy replied:
"I believe that yes, it should be up to the woman themselves of what to wear and stuff. However, you have to keep in mind what actually works for you and what doesn't as an individual, everybody's body type is different (plus Size too) and some women I have seen gone to waaaayyyy to many extremes of wearing almost anything that they think is sexy, because it is the lastest trend or it looks good cuz it looks right on the shelf or manican but it doesn't fit right on you. It really should not be limit, however, some girls do take it to the extreme where they are literally showing a bit too much, for my taste at least, but personally I like to cover up a lil, and show off maybe, if I feel like it, some clevage or legs (I like my legs :-D). But it really is up to the woman how she wants to dress. with style it is what you make it. You can't allow the clothes to make have to make the clothes that you own or purchase make you feel confident and comfortable...and make you say I am a bad bitch!!!! And even if you are but ass naked, you have to look at yourself in that mirror and tell yourself in the famous words of my girl Monique: "I am Fabulous and Thick"!"

Katrina, a Curvy Member replied:
"I think you should wear what you want. But I think that woman should keep in mind that the key to fashion is to enhance. I don't think skin baring and wearing daring fashions is always sexier. It is sexy to enhance your legs or back or whatever you good part is. I think I have nice legs so I wear lots of dresses. But I know that I have some arm and roll issues so I don't wear tube tops. It is all up to the individual. I think it is one thing to have self acceptance and another to have self respect. Every fashion is not for everyone and it is up to each individual diva to find their own style."

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